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I had a great experience with the laser on my underarms. I started seeing results after the 2nd treatment where my hair took longer to grow and was less and also softer. By my 6th treatment there was basically no hair growth. I loved that the process was quick and pain free. I enjoyed the friendliness and professionalism of the therapist and overall had a great experience. I would recommend this especially to very hairy people like myself.

Sapna Pillay

As a woman our constant struggle is keeping well groomed. Time and effort is always taken in making sure that our outer appearance is always looking fabulous. Since becoming a client at Mint certain rituals have now fallen away. I feel more confident to show off my underarms and not worry about unwanted hair and dark marks. My underarms are lighter and hairless. I have had an amazing experience as treatments are quick, pain free and not invasive. I feel relaxed after every session. The studio is tranquil and inviting. Thank you Mint Laser for your professional service.

Tlhabi Tlailane

Excellent service! Very professional, fast and friendly. Best results!

Theresa van Schalkwyk

Best service,Best Person, Best laser and Best results. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Charmaine Janke

Very Good, friendly service 🙂


Kiara Lee Potgieter

I’m hair free! Can’t believe how amazing my results were! So so so happy!

Rehanna Hassam

I have been going to Mint Laser for almost 6 months now and month to month I have had the best experience! I used to spend so much time and money on waxing and it was never convenient? I am so glad Mint laser is pain free compared to waxing! I have used Pain-free Laser hair removal at Mint with, The Soprano ICE. Mint Laser always tailors the time of my treatments around my schedule and every treatment is quick and pain-free! I cant remember the last time I reached for my razor!

Stephanie Gastaldi

I’ve been struggling with my under arms since a teenager. Ingrown’s,rashes and a constant dark shadow after shaving. I’ve finished all my sessions, and I’m hair freeeee. My dark shadows are gone too.
Thank you Mint, you guys are the best!

Maria da Silva

First session was this morning, can’t wait for my next one!


Suné Camm

Totally painless,excellent session, felt so comfortable. Thank you Mint Laser!

Charlize Berg

Quick,easy,effective and just a quick experience.


Giselle Du Rand

I haven’t shaved or waxed in a year. I got such great results. Thank you for the great service.

Boitumrelo Koza

Every person has unwanted hair and for me the problem area has always been my underarm region. My underarm hairs are rather dark and thick; they demanded that I shave on a daily basis – a hassle which I have had to endure for many years. I finally came to the decision that I would undergo laser hair removal. In this way, after a few treatments I would finally rid my body of the uninvited hair. I chose to go to Mint Laser and Beauty Spa.I was initially a bit nervous and fearful; I had heard numerous tales of treacherous hair removal via laser treatment and had constructed, in my mind, this horrible idea of what to expect.  The laser therapist, sat me down before we got started and explained to me in detail how the Soprano Ice hair removal laser works and assured me that with this laser painful hair removal was a thing of the past. I filled in my client information sheet, answered a couple of questions regarding my skin and general health and before I knew it I was ready to undergo treatment. I lay down comfortably and raised by right arm, the therapist  applied a gel to my underarm area and started rubbing my underarm area in a somewhat circular motion. It was warm and relaxing; the tranquil music in the background accompanied by what felt like a massage to me had me in a dream-like state. We then moved on to my left underarm and I was still convinced that this had to be some or other pre-treatment…it wasn’t! That was it and I was done within 15minutes (this includes the filling in of my forms upon arrival). The reason why the laser hair removal treatment with the Soprano Ice is pain free (yes, completely pain free) is because the laser removes the hair in motion as oppose to older hair removal lasers that “zap” hairs individually which often resulted in a fair amount of pain. In retrospect, going to Mint for this treatment was one of the best choices I ever made. I have almost finished my treatments and I am delighted with the results. Although I still have a few sessions to go, my underarm hair is a worry of the past. I would definitely recommend Mint Laser and Beauty Spa to all those seeking the removal of unwanted underarm hair and more so, the removal of hair in general since Mint Laser and Beauty Spa specialises in the removal of ANY unwanted bodily hair. Effortless and pain free thanks to the Soprano Ice; nothing in the world of beauty has ever been this easy or attainable.

Stephanie Kruger

I initially started going for laser at another clinic, and was quite unhappy with the pain and results, or lack there of. I then decided to go for laser hair removal at Mint Laser & Beauty ,and it is one of the best decisions I have made. I went from ingrown hairs, untidy, bushy eyebrows to smooth, soft skin! I highly recommend this treatment for anyone who wants a softer, hair-free and hassle-free skin! And the best thing about it is that the treatment is pain-free. REALLY! I was used to a snap of an elastic band kind of pain. But now with The Soprano Ice, the system they use, warms the area up in motion and chills it immediately, thus no pain. Being a hairy person, which sort of comes along with being Greek, I have battled with stubborn hair and ingrowns. I haven’t finished my treatments yet but thanks to Mint I have managed to reduce 70% of my unwanted hair and am proud to say that I will soon be hair and hassle free. I’ve said goodbye to the tweezers, shavers, veet and even wax! I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone ,their service is always friendly and professional.

Michael Kyriacou


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