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At Mint we offer pain-free beauty treatments


Smooth is in! Mint offers pain-free hair-free laser hair removal


A 20% Discount is given when you purchase a course of 6,8 or 10 sessions.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Packages bought are non-refundable
2. May transfer the package to another individual.
3. The package never expires

Face Female Male
Full Face R720 R1100
Full Head (Bald) R900 R1100
Forehead R300 R380
Unibrow R200 R250
Nose R150 R200
Nasal Hair R100 R100
Cheeks R320 R380
Upper Lip/Lower Lip R260 R300
Upper Lip+Chin combo R480 R550
Sideburns R330 R350
Chin R260 R300
Chin Extended R300 R350
Under Jaw Line R250 R300
Shave Line-Cheeks R150 R200
Full Neck Front R450 R650
Full Neck Back R370 R420
Half Neck Front/Back R300 R350
Ears R100 R150
Full Beard (incl. neck) R800 R900
Full Beard (excl. neck) R600 R800
Arms Female Male
Shoulders R600 R750
Full Upper Arm R880 R950
Half Upper Arm R700 R850
Three Quarter Arm R1000 R1200
Full Forearm(incl.elbow) R880 R950
Full Arm R1650 R1800
Underarm R550 R600
Hands R250 R300
Fingers R200 *
Upper Body
Chest R1 000 R1300
Cleavage R260 R330
Areola R150 R200
Tummy R750 R1000
Full Chest & Tummy R1600 R1800
Belly Button Path R250 R300
Belly Button Path Extended R300 R350
Full Back R1800 R2400
Half Back R1000 R1650
Mini Lower Back/Upper Back R600 R800
Full Buttocks R700 *
Lower Buttocks R400 *
Bikini Female Male
Sides R550 *
Top R550 *
Sides & Top R660 *
Brazilian (strip) R850 *
Brazilian Extended (strip & more) R950 *
Full R1050 *
Full Extended (all off & up the back) R1500 *
Bikini & Underarm Combo
Buy 3 treatments 10% discount
Buy 6 treatments 15% discount
Buy 10 treatments 20% discount
Full body R8500
Per shot R55
Lower Leg (incl. knee) R1600 R1700
Lower Leg (excl. knee) R1500 R1600
Upper Leg (incl. knee) R1600 R1700
Upper Leg (excl. knee) R1500 R1600
Three Quarter Leg R2000 R2200
Full Leg R2600 *
Toes R250 R300
Feet R300 R350


Pigmentation Per Treatment Course of four treatments
Full face R830 R2720
Full Face & Neck R1200 R4200
Full face, neck & decollete R1600 R5800
Decollete R830 R2720
Decollete & Extended Chest R1600 R5800
Lower Arms R850
Full Arms R1200
Hands R350
Sunspots /Specific Veins (1-4 shots) R250
Sunspots/Specific Veins (5-10 shots) R500


Skin Tightening
Full Face R1000
Neck R500
Chest/ Decollete R600
Face, neck and Decollete combo R1999
Body Area for Muscle and Joint Pain Relief (300cm2) R1100


Face R1 350
Neck R550
Face & Neck R1 700
Decollete R600
Face, Neck & Decollete R2 000
Add-on numbing R50


Dermclarify 15% R550
Dermclarify 30% R750
DermRejuvenize 25% R750
Tri-active Retinol R1 000
Tri-Active Retinol + Dermapen R2 000


Growth Factor Film Mask R200
Crystal Fibre Mask R300
Extractions R150
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