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Laser Hair Removal

Pain-free hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Pain-free hair removal

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Soprano Ice Hair Removal Pretoria

Unwanted and excess hair can often greatly reduce a person’s self-confidence and impact their lives in an extremely negative way. Many people regularly have to resort to painful waxing, plucking and shaving to get rid of unwanted hair but these methods are tiresome and painful, and the hair comes back quickly and often thicker than before.

Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent hair reduction solution to unwanted hair saving you both time and money in the long run. Unlike many salons in Pretoria that use ‘IPL’ which delivers poor results and also requires more sessions, Mint Laser and Beauty, one of the industry’s leading best hair removal specialists in Pretoria aspire towards excellence by providing the gold standard in laser technology, with Alma’s Soprano ICE.

Visible Results


With the industry gold standard 810 diode laser and its unique patented high repetition rate and low fluence delivery system makes soprano ice the safest laser available for all skin types. Darker skin types may require a number of additional treatments compared to lighter skin.

The Soprano ICE is FDA and CE approved, safe on all skin types, all year round.

A typical course of hair removal treatments involves between 6 and 10 sessions. The number of sessions can depend on the area being treated and also the fact that hair grows slower on the body than the face.

Small areas are done in 4-6 week intervals. Eg. face, bikini and underarms.
Larger areas are 6-8 week intervals. Eg: legs, chest and back.

  • The Soprano ICE destroys the base of the follicle and seals the capillaries so that it can no longer produce more hair, leaving you hair-free. Whereas others just damage the hair follicle, thus you are still left with hair.
  • The Soprano ICE is virtually pain-free. Whereas other lasers are extremely painful.
  • The Soprano ICE is safe on all skin types.
  • The Soprano ICE is a quick treatment.

In most instances, people describe the experience as a “warm stone massage” and find the soprano ice laser hair removal treatment comfortable, in comparison to other hair removal methods and lasers. This is one of few laser hair removal procedures where numbing cream is not necessary.

Shaving the day before or just prior to treatment is recommended. Your aesthetic therapist would provide you with the appropriate aftercare advice.

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